Vegetable-tanned Leather Giemme Tannery

Vegetable leather

The Vegetable Leather is a high-quality sheepskin produced by the prestigious Giemme Tannery. Thanks to its vegetable tanning, this leather is known for its resistance and natural appearance. The barrel dyeing process gives the leather a unique beauty, with intense and vibrant shades of color. Choosing the Vegetable Leather means relying on the craftsmanship of Giemme Tannery, which guarantees the highest quality and attention to detail in every stage of the production process. Use Vegetable Leather for your leather projects and create high-end items that stand out for their elegance and durability over time.


  • Type of leather: Sheepskin
  • Type: Full-grain
  • Tanning: Vegetable Tanning
  • Dyeing: Barrel Dyeing
  • Thickness: To be agreed upon.
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